Travel in a sustainable way:

When we’re travelling we have a big impact on our environment: not only on nature, but also on the people we visit. We are conscious of this and we try to minimize our impact and even try to contribute to a good development of the region, while travelling with consciousness. Some actions:

A good preparation is very important. If you’re well prepared, it will be easier to adapt yourself once you have reached your destination. To help you prepare, we will provide you with practical information, about the culture, the habits, clothing, climat etc. about the country you’re going to visit.

Respect for Values:

“The key tourism development players must ensure that sufficient attention is drawn to the traditions and the culture of regions and inhabitants.”

We travel in small groups and contact with the local population is very important. Often we’ll go and have a tea or taste a delicious tajine at a Berber house. This will help us exchange ideas and develop a better understanding between our different cultures. The local guide will be intermediary and translator.

Respect for cultural wealth:

“The tourism business must be designed so as to allow supervision and development of the traditional cultural, craft and national heritage products, and not causing their standardization or impoverishment.”

Respect for the environment:

“It is the duty of all those involved in tourism development to protect the environment and natural resources as part of the objective for continuous and sustainable economic growth, in order to fairly satisfy the needs and aspirations of present and future generations.”

We do use four-wheel drive cars on a lot of our trips . Off course this is very adventurous and we’ll get to places an autobus will never get to. But…it’s not good for our environment. We are conscious of this fact and have decided to transform all our miles in green miles by supporting !

Every year we compensate the emission rate of CO2 of all our driven miles.

Respect for childhood:

“Exploitation of human beings in any form, particularly sexual, and especially when it targets children, attacks the fundamental objectives of tourism and represents a negation of it.”

Every year we organize projects and campaign for children in Morocco, Help Children and donate: