For a few months or some years, immigration to Marrakech is an enriching experience to live, both at the human and professional levels. The natural framework soothes the heart, and the business framework soothes the soul.

Working in Marrakech

Working in Marrakech entails certain steps and formalities for the employer and the employee. Entry into the Moroccan territory is subject, generally, to the submission of an entry visa or any other validity document, recognized by the Moroccan State as a travel document. The travel documents of foreign nationals whose countries are subject to visa formality need to have due visas to accede to Morocco, delivered by the Moroccan authorities.

Visas are delivered to foreigners subject to this formality, after paying the fees, upon the presentation of the following documents:

Stage 1: Entry into the Moroccan territory

  • Visa application form duly filled
  • ID card and resident’s permit
  • Valid Passport
  • 3 passport photos

Stage 2
: Working Contract

To obtain a work contract, the employer has to ask the ministry of employment for the authorization to hire a foreigner and register the contract established according to the typical model provided by the ministry of employment. The work contract must be certified by the service in charge migrants’ employment belonging to the Department of employment in the Moroccan Ministry of Employment.

For the first application, the permission to work in is generally for a duration of one year. It can be then renewed for a duration of one or two years at the request of the employer.  Any modification brought to the object of the contract must be necessarily indicated to the competent services in the Ministry of employment (working conditions, contract duration etc.)

For more information contact:
Ministry of Employment, Department of Employment – Migrants’ Employment Service

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