• Marrakech is a hospitable city and the accessibility of public buildings, public transport and parking facilities for visitors with various forms of disability is taken very seriously.

    To and from Airport:

    A range of services are on offer to assist disabled visitors arriving into Marrakech Airports or departing from the airport, including airport caddies and wheelchair provision. A lift is available to the train platform and boarding/alighting assistance can be arranged in advance with the national railway service (ONCF). The ONCF also offers extensive information and additional services for disabled travelers.

    Visiting city attractions:

    In Many sites, buildings are adjusted wherever possible to facilitate wheelchair users. A few taxi companies offer special wheelchair taxis to transport visitors in wheelchairs comfortably around the city. Most museums and attractions are also accessible to wheelchair users and those who are partially sighted.

    Accessible Marrakech website:

    The project Woussoul provides information about the accessibility of buildings in the city. Featuring accessibility and user-friendliness reviews of all sorts of public buildings, it helps visitors to plan their trip. The site also has information on public transport accessibility: www.woussoul.org

  • There are great things for children to do throughout Marrakech, but is there any other city where you will find so many fun, crazy, exciting and fascinating attractions together as in Marrakech?

    Marrakech: A City for all ages

    Whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, Marrakech is a top destination for families. Where else can you take a desert trip, visit a medina’s – all in one day? And don’t forget the world-class museums, historical treasures and outdoor activities like biking and walking . The site is filled with tips for what to do and see in Marrakech with kids of all ages.